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          86-417-3939921 / 3939955?
          ed@ykzhongjie.com   market@ykzhongjie.com?
          CN / EN??
          Group Culture

          Spirit of enterprise: self- discipline and social commitment

          Enterprise style: quick response, immediate action.

          Core philosophy of corporate 

          Survival concept: only constant innovation, make industry evergreen.

          Business concept:gather the world's talent and create a great career.

          Brand concept: to be a first- class brand, to achieve the future of the enterprise.

          Growth concept: assiduously seek, so much to learn, do learning growth enterprise.

          Organizational concept: 

          the interests of the organization are above everything else.

          Person choosing concept: having both ability and political integrity, cultural matching.


          Enterprise values:

          entrepreneurial heart, innovation strength, creating value for customers.

          Customer: let the customer have first love every day!

          Employee: the heart of achievement employee never change!

          Career: help all living creatures, achievement dreams!

          Loyalty: loyal to the country, loyal to the company!

          Team: be of one heart and one mind, win the world!
          Thanksgiving: drop the boon of the water, be to flow out spring to report mutually
          Innovation: never stop pursuing!
          Service: serves attentively, elaborate service!