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          86-417-3939921 / 3939955?
          ed@ykzhongjie.com   market@ykzhongjie.com?
          CN / EN??

          Rijie Group became the first position for export of AGM separator. It exported to Germany, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Iran, India, Portugal, Britain, the United States, Italy and other countries. With cooperation of the world's four major battery companies, JCI, EXIDE, GSYUASA, and ENERSYS, the export volume of the product has been increasing at a rate of 60% a year, increasingly showing the positioning of the "Rijie brand" in the global market, and creating a world brand of Chinese. The world class brand is the driving force and goal of the day. 

          The domestic market 2V series separator mainly sold to Narada Zhejiang, Jiangsu Shuangdeng , Shandong SACRED SUN, Sail Co., Ltd., etc.; Small and medium density separators are mainly sold to the Leoch Group, RITAR Power, Vision Group and so on. The electric vehicles battery separator are mainly sold to Tianneng group, CHILWEE and so on. At the same time, we also supplied to the sole proprietorship, joint venture enterprises, like Yuasa Guangdong, Toplite Guangzhou, C & D Shanghai, Enersys Chongqing, Panasonic Shenyang, Yuasa Tianjin, GS Tianjin, Hoppeck Wuhan, Fiamm Wuhan, and so on. The company's products are widely recognized by customers. We are the excellent suppliers of Johnson Controls, Taiwan GS, Kunglong Vietnam, Zhejiang Narada , Jiangsu Shuangdeng .

          Rijie group AGM series product coverage rate reached 98% in the domestic market, selling products in more than 30 countries and regions,  cooperate with four largest battery company JCI, EXIDE, GSYUASA, ENERSYS in the world.

          And July in 2015 have cooperation with the world's top 500. U.S.A- JCI companies to provide AGM start -stop separator.one time passed the company audit, start using Rijie start- stop separator in the high-end car battery in 25th , August,2016.

          Foreign customers
          Domestic customers