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          86-417-3939921 / 3939955?
          ed@ykzhongjie.com   market@ykzhongjie.com?
          CN / EN??


          Group set up the provincial R&D center (Yingkou Rijie Group R&D Center) and a college and enterprise joint's R&D center with Dalian Polytechnic University (Yingkou Rjie Group and Dalian Polytechnic University's Associated R&D Center ).Dalian Polytechnic University was founded in 1958, it is one of the most famous four light industry college in our country, and gathered the country's top experts and professors in the pulping & paper making and silicate professional , is industry technology R&D's leader in the industry field. 

          Over the past few years we work closely, from the testing optimization and selection of raw materials, to improvement and optimization of manufacturing process and new process trial, get a rapid growth, further combining the actual demand of battery and the new areas of application, have developed many new products category and won many patent certificate.


          RIJIE has a self-improvement, unity of heart, high standards, strict requirements of an efficient team, we continue to work hard to improve themselves, in order to provide customers with better products and services, we will continue to improve and innovate, pursuit of excellence, in the common growth of customers to make themselves the first brand in the world.