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          86-417-3939921 / 3939955?
          ed@ykzhongjie.com   market@ykzhongjie.com?
          CN / EN??

          Production capacity

          RIJIE has advanced production equipment and advanced production technology in domestic industries, advanced testing equipment and the most complete physical and chemical laboratories in the world (covering Europe and the USA,).Japan and Korea test equipment in Asia, and a strict quality assurance system for production and sustainable development of enterprises to provide reliable protection.

          Detection capability

          Has passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and the ISO14001:2004 international environment management system authentication IATF: 16949 international automobile industry quality management system certification and the German VDA6.3 quality process audit system.Implement 5S site management and TPM equipment management and SPC and SPC statistical technical data are carried out at any time to analyze and improve the quality of production line. In order to ensure the leading position of RIJIE products.