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          AGM Separator for start-stop battery
              Publish time 2018-04-17 11:31    

          The lead- acid battery is one of the most important technologies of hybrid power, which is micro- hybrid and light hybrid technology. It makes the engine completely extinguish and do not work when the engine meets the idle condition by implanting an enhanced motor with idle start and stop function on the traditional engine.When the whole vehicle needs to start again, the idling start and stop motor system responds to the driver's starting command quickly, starts the engine quickly, connects the engine instantaneously, reduces the idle time of the engine, thus saves fuel consumption and reduces gas emission.

          The car equipped with start- stop system does not change people's daily driving habits, does not bring any trouble to the car owner, but has significant energy saving.

          Technical indicators reach the international leading levelEuropean,American and Asian standards can be implementedIt can meet the needs of different customers