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          Fixed storage battery AGM separator
              Publish time 2018-04-17 13:02    

          Storage battery for electric power, communication , computer system and UPS etc, are mainly used in case of power supply interruption or short time circuit interruption. The battery, as the energy storage element in the DC system, is the reliable operating core component of the system, providing timely, stable and reliable power guarantee for the loads in power system, and protect the normal operation of the equipment.

          Storage battery will supply power to load equipments when AC power is out of service, and battery output will continue to decline. In order to prevent the battery discharge ,reduce the damage caused by current protection and get long lifetime of battery, it is important for the separator to have following characteristics, like high density, high tensile strength, good resilience, low impurity, low electric resistance, high speed of acid absorption and acid wicking, high ability of electrolyte retention.