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          High temperature resistant battery AGM separator
              Publish time 2017-08-17 08:31    

          With the market demand, the performance requirements of the battery and battery separator are constantly improved, and the high temperature resistant battery is also a floating battery. The difference between this kind of battery and ordinary battery is its use environment and the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction.The use of batteries in different environments raises higher requirements. The ambient temperature of the generally battery rises by 10 degrees, the battery life drops by half, and the battery life is not configured to ensure that the temperature of the base station and the computer room is about 25 degrees.The battery life is greatly reduced.The high temperature resistant battery can also be set up without the temperature guarantee of the base station of the computer room, which greatly reduces the running cost. The AGM separator of the high temperature resistant battery has high wet strength, high temperature state, good springback performance, high hole rate, and good liquid retention capacity.Low impurity content, low self- discharge, low resistance, high temperature floating charging current.

          Mainly suitable for communication, post and telecommunications, electric power, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and so on.