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          Lead carbon battery AGM separator
              Publish time 2017-08-17 08:32    
          The lead- carbon battery is a kind of capacitive lead- acid battery.  Mix carbon  with traditional negative plate material(lead) to form new negative electrode, which can improve sulfate salinization. Lead- carbon battery is a kind of super battery, which has the advantage of instantaneous high current charge and discharge, improves the battery receiving ability and rate performance, makes the battery have high rate of discharge, fast charge,long cycle life,it is a  technology promotion and improvement on Lead- acid battery. 

          After improvement, the charging time is shorten to 1/8 of lead- acid battery,and cycle life is more than four times of lead- acid battery. Compared with lithium battery, the product also has the advantages of good performance under low temperature, low cost, mature production and recovery technology. The AGM separator developed by our company has strong receiving ability, high porosity, large capacity, small negative plate, good resilience, excellent protection for the active material on negative plate, good elongation and long service life.

          At the beginning of the start up technology emerge, it was only installed in luxury cars because of its high cost, and expected to be used in more vehicles in the future due to  lead -  carbon battery launching to the market.